Human Anatomy & Physiology 9th Edition Marieb

From the most basic building blocks of life called cells to the different body systems that make up humans, anatomy and physiology as a subject is undoubtedly complex and difficult. Every tiny detail of the human body is discussed in this subject. The structures, parts and locations are all vividly described and clearly defined to help in understanding their underlying functions and roles in the human body. With the help of comprehensive textbooks like the one written by Dr. Elaine Marieb, studying anatomy and physiology can be less taxing. And, with the newest edition

Human Anatomy & Physiology 9th Marieb definitely produced the most comprehensive and most exciting edition yet.

The newest edition is composed of updated information from the older editions. The clearly-defined concepts and processes in this book are all drawn from the unique and personal experiences of the author as a practicing nurse and a professor of the subject. Teaming up with another author in the name of Katja Hoehn, they made this edition render the different anatomical structures and processes in a memorable and meaningful way.

The 9th edition boasts of its high-quality and high-contrast illustrations of muscles, blood vessels, bones, and cavities. The coverage of topics and presented information are all updated. The topic boxes found on each chapters are still there to aid in understanding the key concepts. What was helpful for many readers in the older editions were polished and made even better in this newest edition of Marieb’s Anatomy and Physiology text.

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In the Human Anatomy & Physiology 9th Marieb also included new additions to the enhanced coverage of the textbook. Interesting topics were also included in the discussions such as aesthetic medical surgeries like Botox, the concept and background of designer drugs and the fundamentals of cancer treatment. Linking the basics of anatomy and physiology with the different contemporary issues is an edge presented by the newest edition of Marieb.

The textbook also comes with additional reading resources like a CD and an atlas that will be of great help for the readers. The CD contains exercises, animations and helpful documents that can aid further understanding of the presented concepts in the textbook. The resources are also for both students and teachers, each tailored according to each one’s needs and preferences. The textbook also includes web links that can serve as review materials and additional resources for students to access online.

The contents of the book are also written in a way that is not too overwhelming for students. The terms and concepts are presented in a simple and understandable way. Complicated processes and complex theories are made easier to understand with the help of clear and well-labeled illustrations and schematic diagrams. Students taking the subject for the first time will not have a hard time grasping concepts and understanding relationships of the human body with the help of this book. Marieb assumed that the readers do not have any medical experience as extensive as the practicing professionals, thus, making the information in the book easily understandable.

Also, in the newest edition of Human Anatomy & Physiology 9th Marieb included a wide variety of topics that encompass the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology needed for further courses. The topics and chapters are presented in a hierarchical order, beginning from the simplest and most basic, to the most complex and most difficult. The textbook begins with the study of cells, then progresses to tissues, to the different body systems (skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, integumentary, endocrine, cardiovascular, immune, respiratory, reproductive, and lymphatic). Each of the systems are carefully discussed in terms of its structures, underlying functions and role in the body as a whole.

With the comprehensive amount of information in this 1159-page book, reading it for the first time may be taxing and overwhelming. With 30 to 45 pages per chapter, students may find themselves being bombarded with a lot of information. But, the chapters have diagrams and sea of vocabularies that only assure the readers that the information they are getting are more than enough. Exercises are also found at the end of chapters as well as in the accompanying CD. These can be of great help in sharpening the learned information from the book and further understanding the complex topics of the subject.

Users of the book will not have to worry about being bombarded with too much information from the book because the topics are not only presented hierarchically, but also systematically. Students, aspiring professionals and people who use this book as a refresher will not be lost among the ocean of topics and jargon presented in the book. The book presents a new concept and idea in way that readers can find its connection and relationship with the previous and the next ideas. The book has an easy to follow organization which makes it ideal for students and professionals alike.

Human Anatomy & Physiology 9th Marieb textbook is one of the most trusted resourceswhen it comes to dealing with the anatomical structures and their underlying functions.

With its easily understandable and comprehensive information coupled with high-quality and accurately drawn illustrations, understanding the complicated concepts of this subject will be easier.

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